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Persecution and violence against women throughout history and various cultures are examined; from placing the blame of the existence of evil solely on Eve to modern day victim blaming regarding catcalling, sexual assault and domestic violence as well as the promotion of women's suffrage through music. Men as well as women weigh in on the cause and effect of women's issues through personal testimony, discussion and debate. 

Director- L. Burner


 L. Burner is an up and coming writer/director with a background in artist management and journalism. L. began her professional writing career with music juggernaut, in 2010. 

Burner has directed music videos, commercials, and two previous documentaries including the acclaimed 2010 documentary "What's Really Hood?". Before journalism and film-making all of her original, creative ideas were expressed through songwriting and music projects. Family and friends had continuously encouraged her to write books and expand her audience and topics and suggested she start a blog back around 2004 as a stepping stone. It seemed far-fetched at the time. However, she did begin to frequent popular websites and forums making a name for herself. Debating online became an addiction and exercise in sharpening her skills. Two transformative events occurred in the process. L came to the attention of true crime reporter and author, Aphrodite Jones and online social commentary triggered the activist in her. Writing in any form had always been a passion, essential, since childhood. For some, making movies may have been an obvious progression but it was only when L. Burner began to understand the degree of writing (for narration) and research that was involved with documentaries, that she took a serious interest in film-making. The idea of combining her words, ideals, visuals and activism would present the most fulfilling creative outlet imaginable. "The Rise of Eve" will extend into a franchise with "Rise of Eve Act II: Sex and Sensibilities" almost wrapped. In the near future, L. Burner plans to pursue a formal education in film-making and write scripts for television as well as writing and directing narrative films.  

Cinema Village Theater


The Rise of Eve premiered on July 20th, 2018 at New York's Cinema Village Theater in Greenwich Village.  

***A Special Red Carpet Showing & Cast Meet & Greet took place on Saturday July 21st at 5pm-6pm at the 6:30 showing.  Moviegoers were riveted by the transparency of the testimonies and debates. Survivors were purged and described feelings of validation and the beginnings of  healing.  Men expressed feelings of enlightenment and newfound empathy toward the plight of women. Currently, The Rise of Eve is awaiting release on streaming outlets.

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Director L. Burner and cast interviewed at The Rise of Eve Red Carpet Affair

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